I’m Tania Arreguín, and I’m so happy to meet you!

I am an interior designer, proud to have created a unique boutique-style wedding destination services, dedicated to helping you to have the best wedding experience available in Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas Bay.


I value great quality, exemplary service, and the things that I feel are

made with compromise and love, and I take pride in providing those

same things to you.

Getting to know you is a crucial part of the way I work, and I think it is just as important for you to get to know me. You can find more personal information about me here.

My work as a wedding planner with you involves; budget keeping, decor designing, cheerleading, vending, staff management quality supervision, emotional coaching, just to begin.

You’ll be sure to find passion, attention, and inspiration at the essence of everything my team and I do. My ultimate goal to make you have your dream wedding experience and beyond.

Planning Principles

only the best!

The customized and precise approach

We believe that your love story is the key to make your event unique and personalized. We care deeply about your taste, your preferences, along your story. We can design the perfect theme, decor, and ambiance that make a long-lasting impression on your guests. From a Fiesta Mexicana to classical charm, to an elegant ethereal or a tropical industrial affair, our ultimate goal is to make your wedding style the perfect fit for you.

3D visualization of the wedding layout

Our expertise in interior design has allowed us to completely understand the functionality of space. With our knowledge of 3D visualization programs, we can develop the layout of the venue, so you can pre-visual the space. This allows us to then decide on the best locations inside the venue, the statement decor pieces, the flow of the staff, the table settings, the dance floor, and the electrical installations.

Stress-Free decisions plan

We make our process fun and enjoyable, working with you in a clear and concise fashion, providing a timeline that will give you plenty of planning time, without the pressure of last-minute wedding decisions. Leading up to your big day, this allows for your focus to be placed on your complete mental and physical well-being, while leaving the details in our hands.

Attention to detail

We pride ourselves on our passion and attention to detail. We aim to emphasize respect and love in everything we put on your table. We want to know you well and to curate your event respecting your taste and your personal preferences.

Our vows

I value great quality, exemplary service, and the things that I feel are made with compromise and love, and I take pride in providing those same things onto you.

Creation, Innovation & Creativity

Our background in the professional interior design field allows us to develop all the components of the design concept, from custom backdrops, hanging garlands, lighting design, color schemed, decorative details, to guest safety requirements.

Made to measurement

All of our events are tailor-made. Regardless of your personal wedding choices, rest assured that, with us, your event will evoke your unique love story and your personality in every detail.

Stylish in terms of design

For us, it is important to create beautiful backdrops for the event, which not only enhances the wedding venue but also accentuates the natural beauty of our bay. We always ensure the care of the quality of the design, regardless of the style.


We value items that are built to last with time, care, and passion, resulting in beautiful unique experiences. We prefer to use local resources and aim to keep waste at an absolute minimum throughout the experience. For example, your beautiful flowers are never discarded after use, but rather are used to brighten the day of people in need.

Quality, Team, and Service

The satisfaction of our customers depends on the united efforts of many. We are more effective when we work together in cooperation, respecting each contribution and the importance of our customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

Value for money

We know that destination-wedding clients care a lot about where their money goes. Living in other countries, you often do not get to see anything until the wedding day, which could be a stressful experience. Rest assured that everything on our end will exceed your expectations.

Let me start this post by saying the most important thing:  you don’t have to be a resident of Mexico to get married there...


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