I can make your party about the celebration of your love story

As a designer I’m here to help you make your dream wedding real. For your guests to feel the essence of your love story, we can provide details like having as a signature cocktail the first drink that you shared together, or PERHAPS giving them as a late night snack your favorite tacos. We can help to blend traditions if you come from mixed cultures, and we can come up with creative alternatives.

I can save your sanity and family relationships

You are the center of the party, and you don’t need to be stressed in the planning stage neither on the wedding day itself. Nor with chasing providers, receiving the furniture, or with menial tasks like counting the napkins one by one. It is not the responsibility of your family or friends to pay the rest of the service to the vendors (like mariachi) when some of them might be a little happy (drunk) . They are your guests, not your workers. You are doing this to celebrate with them! Let me take care of that work load.

After all this dissertation, are you still thinking that you can plan, administrate, design, and manage your destination wedding? Or do you need to hire a wedding planner? Why don’t we start now? Let’s chat!

Let's see our magnifique weddings

Do you want to have peace of mind and fully enjoy all your time before the wedding? Hire complete assistance in the planning and preparation of all the event details, from start to finish.

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