Gabriel & Mimi

Best team!

The brief

A wedding between a loving Mexican couple, Gabriel and Mimí, along with their family, were willing and involved in their wedding planning process and have a great and long fiesta!

Inspo + Moodboard

The key elements of their wedding were maritime and rustic. From rope knots, snails and shells, weathered wood, we set the scene with strips of white shredded paper, to give the traditional Mexican party touch.

Complete de experience

For the couple was more important to have a large number of guests (170pax) and a great party atmosphere; their dream was to be barefoot at the beach dancing till dawn surrounded by their loved ones rather than have much decoration at the table. To achieve this in their venue, we placed the tables in two stages, one in the poolside for the family group and the other on the beach around the dance floor for the friends. I placed the music stage up facing the beach, they had a live jazz /ska band followed by a DJ who set their party until dawn. They had custom made -Papel Picado- with their wedding logo and custom graphic designs and coffee lights that delimited the wedding area from the rest of the Villa. The bride’s bouquet was made of white tulips, dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, in waterfall style, white with some details in green, the boutonniere of the groom was a matching bouquet, both creations of the Florist Rocio Rivera who works with us. To avoid the damage of the precious bouquet during the toss but without losing the tradition, I suggest make -the cut version of the ribbons- with a micro bouquet of tulips that we prepared, and then handed to the winner girl the original bouquet, perfectly intact. Each photo shows their emotion and there is nothing more pleasant than watching the couple enjoy, it is certain that they will remember with joy and emotion every moment of one of the most important days of their lives.
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