Why do you need to hire a wedding planner for you destination wedding?

February 27, 2021

Let’s be completely honest! Nobody wants to have to pay for something that you can do yourself, right?


I know that feeling. I’m a perfectionist and I have been one since I was a toddler. I do prefer to do everything myself, to know it is done right! I like things to be done in an efficient and a neat manner. At the same time I’m also meticulous in terms of budgeting. Lastly I come from a Mexican matriarchal family of great administrators.

So as I recognize myself publicly as a control freak, I totally get it. If I can do it myself, why do I need to hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta???? Well this is why:

I’m a native vallartan and I know the whole Bay

Not only because I was born here, but because I have years in the business. Therefore, I might know the place or vendor that is the perfect fit for your style and budget, and if not, I’m a car ride away from it and I can go check the places and make sure they actually look like the  photographs on their websites. Also I know about the precise weather of the bay,  the best dates for your wedding or your budget.  For example:

July? For sure you need a tent
Middle of February and you want tons of roses? Lets increase your decor budget
Your venue is placed near a mangrove swamp? You’ll have to give your guests mosquito repellent as a wedding favor no matter what .

All those examples are types of details that an experienced wedding planner from your area can provide you.



I have been working on my vendor network


We are able to identify what style of vendor or type of service is the best for your event and for you. Vendors take deeper care of their performance when they have a planner checking over their work all the time, because they may have a long working relationship to maintain. Both of us, vendors and wedding planners, as members of the event industry, are here to deliver the best for our couples. Therefore having a network that can deal with the issues that can happen during your event is a must-have (wait for the Law of Murphy explanation).



 I can help you organize your ideas and deliverer to you

Being an organization freak comes handy IN this lovely vocation, but one of the biggest values of my enterprise is my academic training. Let me tell you, as an interior designer, I have to design and deliver for my client in A certain order and time-lapse, in comparison to what an artist will do (whatever the artist’s soul and taste orders), or what a group sales manager does, which is getting you to choose between package A, B, or C without customizing to your true needs or your love story.

I can help you save time and money


I will help you make the decisions in the best order possible, because I create  a decision making timeline based on priorities, giving you time to enjoy the wedding planning process, so you can choose what works best for you. Here is an example;

The wedding season IN the bay is from October to May, and I usually ask vendors for their list of prices a year or a season in advance.  I know the approximate cost of their services, and I can easily tell you If we can fit that in your budget eliminating the time of response of the vendor, which if it is high season, can be pretty slow.



I can help you get immersed in our culture


We (my hubby and I) are foodies that love to travel and enjoy different cultures, and we are always looking to fully enjoy our chosen home of Puerto Vallarta.   As a Mexican, I really embrace my culture. Also, I’m married to a Parisian that is in love with México and Puerto Vallarta. Rest assured that I’m going to recommend you the best activities to enjoy with your loved ones and that will provide lasting memories of our food, art and music.



Problem solving at weddings and MURPHY’S LAW


Weddings are good examples to highlight the existence of Murphy’s Law in the universe. This law says if “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.  I will give you an example: nowadays with this Pampas grass wedding trend, there have been more fires because they are very flammable and so we have to put extinguishers near them, along with staff checking the distance of the candles and directions of the wind so we don’t have any disaster. If this fails for other reasons, at least we are prepared with fire extinguishers, and we can help you keep the rest of the event with the happy go fiesta vibes.



Provides value and assurance


Wedding planners are not only prepared and have all the experience you will need for your wedding  but also can let you know of all the red flags for your event without fear of your feelings. I can help you think twice about impulsive decisions, or logistical issues, that you might think aren’t that important, but trust me, we are here to represent your best interests. And most of us come with staff members so if there is any problem we can fix it as quickly as possible as a team.

I can make your party about the celebration of your love story


As a designer I’m here to help you make your dream wedding real. For your guests to feel the essence of your love story, we can provide details like having as a signature cocktail the first drink that you shared together, or PERHAPS giving them as a late night snack your favorite tacos. We can help to blend traditions if you come from mixed cultures, and we can come up with creative alternatives.



I can save your sanity and family relationships


You are the center of the party, and you don’t need to be stressed in the planning stage neither on the wedding day itself. Nor with chasing providers, receiving the furniture, or with menial tasks like counting the napkins one by one. It is not the responsibility of your family or friends to pay the rest of the service to the vendors (like mariachi) when some of them might be a little happy (drunk) . They are your guests, not your workers. You are doing this to celebrate with them! Let me take care of that work load.

After all this dissertation, are you still thinking that you can plan, administrate, design, and manage your destination wedding? Or do you need to hire a wedding planner? Why don’t we start now? Let’s chat!



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