June 17, 2022

As a Patasalada (translation: salty feet, or someone born in PV) myself, I can talk for hours about the things I love about our beautiful bay. Just a few include but are not limited to the following:


Situated on the Pacific Mexican coast, the Banderas Bay is one of the deepest and largest bays in the world, at 42 kilometers (26 miles) wide.

There are lovely sites all over the bay, with the mountains meeting the sea and we have two major highlights: Marietas Island, a Natural World Heritage Site, a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve, RAMSAR site 1345.

Also,  Los Arcos de Mismaloya a Mexican National Marine Park.

The air quality is excellent, and the weather in Puerto Vallarta is really nice, (except for the season from June to October that is really hot and rainy) there is no extreme cold and you can have a break from the snowy climates in your country. The coldest month is February with an average maximum temperature of 28 ° C (83 ° F) You will feel like spring although it is winter.


The language barrier in Puerto Vallarta is almost zero, most of the people you will meet on your trip will speak enough English to help you with anything you need, and if by chance you find someone who does not speak English, the most likely thing is that they understand it. I know people that have lived here full time for 14 years and don’t speak Spanish further than Good morning and Thank you.


There are currently 16 direct nonstop flights from Canada and 18 from America. The longest flight from the USA takes 5:50 hours. It is not only a great wedding destination but is more affordable for your guests to travel and stay than other wedding places such as South America or Europe.


Its welcoming nature and endless beauty have made Puerto Vallarta one of the top Beach Wedding Destinations in Mexico, you’ll be able to find expert vendors of all kinds for your wedding.


You don’t have to be a resident of Mexico to get married there. Two foreigners can get married in a country with a passport, tourist visa, and minimum amount of paperwork.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico City, and 18 of the 31 states. These marriages are recognized nationwide (even in states where same-sex couples cannot marry) and by various federal departments and organizations like medical insurance, banks, etc. If you want to learn more about the requirements click here.


From all-inclusive resorts to unique hotel boutiques or b&b places you’ll find an infinite price range, and variety of styles, your wedding planner will be able to help you find the best one for you to use as a wedding venue or for the accommodations for your guests.


Even though it is a touristy town, it still is very charming. People are very nice and there is a sense of community which we love, a friendly mix of locals and tourists and ex-pats, always someone willing to help, chat, or grab a drink.  The fact that half the locals you pass by say hola! for no reason other than pleasantry can make one feel good just to be walking on Vallarta streets.



Although we have all the best brands of exclusive hotels on the bay, it is easy to find the MEXICAN SOUL on every corner. You can hear mariachi music at the restaurants, watch artisans do delicate and intricate traditional handicrafts, or enjoy its traditional food stations, tacos, chilaquiles, elotes, churros, tejuino, the list is immense.



Some people say Puerto Vallarta is one of the best culinary spots in the country of Mexico, as we have restaurants for all tastes and budgets, not talking only in terms of food but also in all kinds of settings from beach palapa’s restaurant to high-end restaurants, or food truck stands. There are two important festivals related to food during the high season, The gourmet  Festival in November and Restaurant Week in May.


Puerto Vallarta is a huge nightlife destination you’ll find beach bars, lounges, sports bars, gay bars, cocktail bars, live music bars, and nightclubs, Puerto Vallarta’s main streets never sleep because of this reason. Ready to enjoy the warm night?


You’ll have 65 miles long of different-style beaches all around the bay, they are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.  We have such a variety of beaches, from white ultra-fine sand to black color with gold sparks, or almost always deserted beach strip nestled against lush jungle foliage or large beach hotel zone with all the amenities, and folklore that Mexico can give you. You can let the waves release all the pressure and have just have fun.


Is one of the safest places in Mexico, preferred by tourists all over the world,  you just need to take the regular care that you will  like you would anywhere else

In case of an emergency, high-quality health care is readily available and relatively inexpensive


From all the bay, Old Town in Puerto Vallarta is the big LGBT destination, considered as the gay scene in Mexico, you can find gay-friendly bars, saunas, gay boat tours, cabarets, a gay beach, a gay bar hopping tour, and thriving art and culture.



Snorkeling at Los ArcosParasailing
Scuba diving
Zip lining/canopy tours
Surf excursions
Wakeboarding and waterskiing
Massages and spa services
Fishing trips
Whale watching tours (seasonal)
Hiking tours and waterfall hikes
Yoga lessons
Jet skiing
Yacht excursions
Sea turtle releases
Sailboat day excursions
Horseback riding
Tequila and mezcal tasting
Day trips to Las Animas, Quimixto, Yelapa
Trips to the Botanical Gardens
Day trip to Marieta Islands
Golf courses
Polo & Equestrian Club
Tacos tasting tour
Art walks around the Galleries




A lovely town nestled between the evergreen Sierra Madre mountains and the warm sea. It gives you a true sense of traditional Mexico, complete with white houses and orange gables. Here you can find many restaurants to have a delicious seaside dinner, or if you prefer, nightclubs to dance the night away until dawn.  For relaxation and entertainment, a nice stroll through Puerto Vallarta´s famous Malecón watching the sunset.




The second-highest number of hotels and resorts in México is located a 20-minute drive north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Here you can find several beautiful golf courses, a large marina, with large and calm white sand beaches.


A picturesque relaxing beach town located just north of Vallarta, boasting a marina and a beautiful beach where you can go fishing, relax on the beach, or peruse the Sunday Farmers Market.


The most exclusive and luxurious resorts and villas of the bay are found in Punta de Mita, surrounded by untouched nature. Is a tranquil destination to unplug and rejuvenate, or to try your hand at golf or paddleboarding.


It is a picturesque small beach town that offers a large variety of leisure activities, from horseback riding, hiking, jungle canopy tours, snorkeling to fishing. Is well known as the principal surfer destiny of the zone. Walking in their little and colorful streets you can find plenty of restaurants, casual cafés, and art galleries to spend the day peacefully.


The calmest and most relaxing town of the bay, you can still find the rural serenity of old Mexico, surrounded by mountains and the lush tropical jungle. This is a more artisanal town, with a nice community center offering many cultural activities like an annual music festival and a children’s circus.

All around the bay, you will find lovely beaches, rivers, and estuaries that blend into the sea, as well as jungles and mountains that meet with the cities and enchanting towns.

In every destination along the bay, you’ll find friendly people, colorful streets, and delicious restaurants with cuisines from all around the world.  You can also find all types of ambiances; from high-end luxury, locales to party places to the most bohemian relaxing atmosphere, perfect for yoga and meditations or just unwinding.

If you now are sure you want to celebrate your wedding in our beautiful bay, let us help you to have your magnifique wedding. Write us at: or


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